Passion and Faith

A major part of Eintracht Frankfurt and what the club represents today are and always have been its passionate and faithful fans. Being the number one sports and football club of the region Eintracht has a large following capable of an impressive, creative and loud-voiced support. From the early days, especially after impressing during the 1960 European Cup campaign with its legendary final v Real Madrid the first team of Eintracht was invited from all around the world. With the huge tradition and a well known name Eintracht made friends and fans all around the world throughout the years. Visitors to home or away games will confirm the passionate and colourful support the team is receiving throughout each season.

End of the sixties start of the seventies the first fan clubs were founded (EFC’s – Eintracht Fan Clubs). Meanwhile there are around 750 official fan clubs with over 50,000 members who are represented by the fan committee (German language link:  - with a list of the existing fan clubs. If you would like to found an official Eintracht fan club (outside Germany you would need a minimum of five Eintracht supporters) please contact info(at)

A big part of the Eintracht fan base is represented by the ‘Ultras Frankfurt’ group founded in 1997. About 600 members (one of the largest organisations of its kind in Germany) play a major part in creating a powerful atmosphere during home and away games. They are also responsible for impressive colourful and elaborate displays ahead of the games. (

In 2000 an independent division of the listed club Eintracht Frankfurt next to its various sports divisions was founded – purely to organise the supporter’s base. Around 8,000 members within the fan and supporter’s division emphasize their bond with the club that way. One of their many initiatives is the ‘Kid’s Club’ (Junior Eagles) which looks after the youngster fans since 2008.

A lot of passion is also shown by the team of the fanzine ‘Fan geht vor’ (translates into ‘Fan first’), the producers of the radio broadcast ‘Radio Fanomania’ and the unofficial Eintracht archive collated by Frank Gotta (

Last but not least the ‘Fan Project Frankfurt’ represents a very important and significant part of the Eintracht fan scene. The work and commitment of its members made projects like the ‘Fan House’, the ‘Fan Container’ with the Ultras Frankfurt ahead of home games and away trips to U18 matches possible, to name just a few.