• 14.08.2009 - Bundesliga.de

    "We are doing everything right at the moment?

    Having only played seven league matches last season due to injury, Ioannis Amanatidis could hardly wait for the new Bundesliga season to kick-off. He immediately showed his worth for Eintracht Frankfurt. Read more
  • 01.08.2009 - Bundesliga.de

    Caio: The Hessians' Great Hope

    Everything began in the garden behind their house. Caio César Alves dos Santos father hammered together a goal from wooden planks and boards for his football-mad son. Every day the boy, who is now known by the name of Caio, practiced with his... Read more
  • 01.08.2009 - Bundesliga.de

    Ioannis Amanatidis: The Greek eagle

    Ioannis Amanatidis has lived so long in Germany already that it is no surprise he displays some typically German qualities on the pitch: Ambition, unbreakable will and fighting spirit. This could have something to with the fact that things have... Read more
  • 01.08.2009 - Bundesliga.de

    Franz: Man of steel

    It is surely only a coincidence that when Maik Franz was asked on the Eintracht Frankfurt home page what is his favourite film was, it turned out to be the Hollywood blockbuster "Anger Management.? In this comedy, Adam Sandler plays a... Read more
  • 28.06.2009 - Aktuelles

    Berlin Calling

    It was the 28th of June in 1959, 50 years ago today, when hopeful Eintracht supporters made their way to the Olympic stadium in Berlin. The final of the German title race was to be held there and it was Eintracht Frankfurt playing against the big... Read more
  • 28.06.2009 - Aktuelles

    Interview with Dieter Lindner

    Dieter Lindner gave his debut for Eintracht in 1957 aged 17 and was the youngest Frankfurt player in the Berlin final, then 19 years old. He played an offensive role on the left wing, closely working together with the influential Alfred Pfaff. Read more
  • 28.06.2009 - Aktuelles

    Matches and League Table

    Overview about matches and legaue table! Read more
  • 01.06.2009 - Aktuelles

    A summary of the events in May

    We had a very disappointing month – the logic finish for this season that we soon will forget. Korkmaz, Meier and Caio scored really nice goals but in the end we lost 4 of 5 matches with 3:13 goals. 0:2 against Dortmund, 1:1 in Hannover, 0:5 against... Read more
  • 01.06.2009 - Aktuelles

    Interview with Nikos Liberopoulos

    Well this has to be one of the hardest interviews to get but by far one of the most interesting ones. One day I received and email after sending out one of the monthly newsletters from a man claiming to be Harry Liberopoulos, an uncle from Nikos who... Read more