• 07.07.2011 - Englisch

    Transfers: Hoffer and Schildenfeld

    More signings for manager Armin Veh and the Eagles: Erwin 'Jimmy' Hoffer joins on loan from Napoli, the Gordon Schildenfeld deal with Sturm Graz is also safe. Read more
  • 05.07.2011 - News Update

    Sandcastles - Transfer - Supporters - Shirt Numbers

    Time for another news update on the recent happenings at Eintracht Frankfurt: More test matches have been played, a new Eagle has joined, a lot of season tickets have been sold, the shirt numbers have been announced. Plus you can win great prices if... Read more
  • 21.06.2011 - News Update

    Coaches - Transfers - Training - Fixtures

    It is time for a news update to highlight what has been happening with Eintracht Frankfurt in the recent weeks. There are plenty of new faces at the club, the training camp in Austria is underway and the fixture list for next season has been... Read more
  • 08.06.2011 - Englisch

    Charly Körbel: Seems Like Yesterday!

    It is exactly 20 years ago today that record holder Karl-Heinz 'Charly' Körbel had the very last of his 602 Bundesliga appearances. Congratulations to this extraordinary anniversary! Körbel won the UEFA Cup in 1980 with the Eagles as well as the... Read more
  • 01.06.2011 - Englisch

    Veh: We Have To Be Positive

    The new manager of Eintracht Frankfurt - Armin Veh - offered his views when introduced during yesterday’s press conference. Please read a summary below. Read more
  • 31.05.2011 - Englisch

    Armin Veh Joins Eintracht Frankfurt

    Eintracht Frankfurt introduced Armin Veh as their new manager and head coach today. Chief Executive Heribert Bruchhagen, Sporting Director Bruno Hübner and Armin Veh have agreed to a one year contract. Read more
  • 30.05.2011 - Englisch

    Maximum Priority: Promotion

    In a press conference last week Bruno Hübner was introduced by Chief Executive Heribert Bruchhagen. The new Sporting Director who received a two year contract offered his views on the situation at Eintracht Frankfurt. Read more
  • 25.05.2011 - Englisch

    Bruno Hübner Appointed

    Eintracht Frankfurt appointed Bruno Hübner as the club's new Sporting Director today. The board of directors agreed to the candidate suggested by Chief Executive Heribert Bruchhagen and the board's committee regarding this appointment (Dr. Wilhelm... Read more
  • 25.05.2011 - Englisch

    Maximum of 19,000 Attending First Home Match

    The sports court of German football association DFB (Deutscher Fußball-Bund) has announced the penalties for Eintracht Frankfurt regarding the crowd troubles that reocurred during the season. Read more
  • 17.05.2011 - Englisch

    Course Set for the Future

    In a meeting yesterday the board of directors looked at the necessary consequences of the current situation and analysed the causes leading to relegation. Read more