No rest for the Eagles… Following Thursday's match against Arsenal and a light training session on Friday, head coach Adi Hütter is now focusing on Sunday's Bundesliga match at home to Borussia Dortmund.

Head coach Adi Hütter knows his side needs time for what they learn on the training pitch to become second nature.
Head coach Adi Hütter knows his side needs time for what they learn on the training pitch to become second nature.

Adi Hütter on…

…Eintracht's Europa League opener: "I want to make it clear that in spite of everything, we actually put in a very decent performance yesterday. We weren't completely overrun. Our defensive transitions weren't good and we committed too many basic individual errors, but I liked the way we played going forward. The number of shots on goal we had says it all really. The result isn’t a reflection of the performance, so we'll keep calm and patient. After all, yesterday we had five players who weren't with us last year. If we put our faith in the players then we can create something here. Obviously the result could've been better, but fundamentally we're on the right track."

…the upcoming match against Dortmund: "We're facing another quick and technically gifted side who will play in a similar way to Arsenal. We need to shift our focus to Sunday's game as quickly as possible. If we approach it the right way I'm sure we can produce a good performance. It'll be difficult to keep Dortmund quiet over the course of 90 minutes. We'll need that little bit of luck at the right time."

…the squad: "Sebastian Rode's heavy bruising means he's not an option for the time being. He got hit right on his old injury. He's OK, but just needs a bit of time. The main thing is that the cartilage wasn’t damaged. It would be too risky to play Mijat Gacinovic on Sunday. He'll return to training next week and will be an option for the game against Union Berlin. Bas Dost is working on his fitness every day. Through training and playing in matches we're giving him all he needs to reach the required level. That was too much to manage in the space of just three weeks. I like the fact that he's recognised that himself and is working on it."

…training: "We've got a lot of new players and we need to develop certain things in training until they happen automatically. Obviously everyone wants to play every three or four days and in Europe. As a result we only rarely train all together. We make up for that with the sessions we do have available and through video analysis."