On the day before the Eagles return home, Hinti reports on the last few days in Florida and sets out their intentions for the first match of the year.

Hello Frankfurt,

I’m writing from Tampa today. The day after the friendly, we had another intense training session in which we worked particularly on finishing and some basics. After over 90 minutes of work, we went back to the hotel, where we had our team meeting after lunch.

We went over the past six months and discussed what we did very well at the start and less well later on. We hope we can quickly put an end to the form we showed before Christmas against Hoffenheim.

After training, I watched the Tampa Bay Lightning’s home game and then our team evening got under way. Before we head back today, we ate together one last time.

We’ve enjoyed the time in Florida very much and used it to hopefully get back to our best against Hoffenheim and also rectify our away form.

Regards from Tampa,