Goncalo Paciencia has been an ever-present for Eintracht this season. He spoke to EintrachtTV ahead of Thursday’s match against Vitoria Guimaraes.

Goncalo, you’ve just finished the first training session of the week. How are you viewing these busy next two weeks?
“This is indeed another week with two important matches coming up. The first one on Thursday is a little more important – we have to win it. We worked really hard to get the win in London and give ourselves a chance, and now we have the opportunity to write another chapter in the club’s history and make it through to the next round of the Europa League.”

What are you expecting from Vitoria Guimaraes on Thursday?
“We’re expecting a tough match, as is always the case in the Europa League. We already saw during the away game in Guimaraes that we will have a tough task ahead of us. The advantage, though, is that we will have had more of a break between games. We’ll be fresher on Thursday but obviously Guimaraes will be coming here to win. They’ll want to show what they’re capable of and finish off their Europa League campaign with a positive result, but they’ll find that the atmosphere here in Frankfurt is like a cauldron. We’re definitely not going to make things easy for them. I hope we manage to win the match – that’s our main aim.”

You’re Portuguese – what tips can you give us about Guimaraes?
“They are a club with a long tradition in Portugal and they’ve done a really good job over the past 10 or 15 years. They’re always there or thereabouts when it comes to qualification for the Europa League and the same applies to the Portuguese cup. The team have a lot of young players who want to prove themselves. Some of them have come from big clubs where they didn’t manage to impose themselves. But as I said before, we need to show them who’s boss when they come to Frankfurt!”

You’ve played in every match this season. How do you feel?

“I feel great. It’s a good feeling for me because this is what I’ve worked for. It shows that since I’ve been here, I’ve put in a lot of effort. It obviously makes me very happy, but the most important thing is that we play well as a team.”