Fredi Bobic, Adi Hütter and Mijat Gacinovic give their thoughts on the Eagles’ defeat in Paderborn and take stock of the team’s form in recent weeks.

Fredi Bobic: “We’ve just fallen short a bit over the past few weeks and that’s undone the good position we were in at the start of November. That’s not the way we know our boys can play, and there have been too many individual mistakes. They haven’t shown what they’re capable of recently. We’re not looking for excuses, the reasons for the defeats are down to us. It’s not a question of quality; it’s more a question of mentality. We’ve brought this situation on ourselves. Now we have to clear our heads, so the winter break will do us good. We’ll get back to work on 2 January.”

Mijat Gacinovic: “We need to show what we’re capable of doing again. At the moment everything’s going against us. The defeats haven’t come about because of a problem with our energy or our heads, we’re just conceding too many goals and have to use up too much energy to try and score one ourselves. I believe in our team. I love these boys, we’re all good footballers.”

Adi Hütter: “Paderborn deserved to win. I’m optimistic ahead of the second half of the season because we’ll have a few players back available and we’ll also be able to work on technical and tactical aspects of our game during the winter break. That gives me confidence that we’ll prepare the team so show their true colours in the second half of the campaign. The situation is very serious, but we’re still involved in three competitions. At the end of the day, the Bundesliga’s the most important one. We’re disappointed with our last few games because we haven’t got the results we’ve wanted.”