While Gelson Fernandes is one of Eintracht's undisputed leaders, Evan Ndicka's career is only just beginning. Eintracht TV caught up with the duo in a double interview.

Gelson, how was your first year at Eintracht?
Gelson: "It was fantastic. We had a good season in the Bundesliga and capped off a strong campaign by winning the cup in Berlin. It was absolutely insane in Berlin."

Evan, by contrast, you only arrived in Frankfurt a few weeks ago. How are you settling in?
Evan: "I wouldn't say I'm settled yet but I've seen some of the city with my family. My teammates have welcomed me brilliantly. In Simon Falette and Sebastién Haller there are two other French guys in the squad, which has helped a lot, as has the fact that Gelson also speaks French."

Evan, the coaching staff were behind your recruitment. What do you think they see in you? What are your strengths?
Evan: "I'm aggressive out on the pitch. On top of that I'd say I'm a tidy passer and am athletic."

Ndicka: "You have to listen and take advice on board"

What does family mean to you? You often post pictures with them on Instagram.

Gelson: "My family are everything to me. I miss them a lot. I've got a little brother and sister who I don't get to see as much as I'd like to. Playing for both club and country doesn't leave you with much free time. Nevertheless, I have to say that I've got the best job in the world and I'm happy I can do what I do."

You're a leader both on and off the pitch. What tips can you give to young players like Evan?

Gelson: "It's great to play for a club like this in the Bundesliga and the UEFA Europa League when you're only 18. During pre-season I've given him some space to get used to things but once the Bundesliga is up and running again then I'll take him under my wing. He should enjoy it and keep working hard because he's got a great career ahead of him."

Evan, how can you benefit from players like Gelson?
Evan: "As a youngster you have to listen a lot and take things on board. Experienced players like Gelson never mean what they say in a negative way; on the contrary, they want to help you improve. That's why it's important to pay attention and embrace the tips they give you.”

Evan, what are your aims at Eintracht?
Evan: "On a personal level I'd like to play as much as possible. I also want Eintracht to have a good season. It's still a bit early to be setting objectives."