Eintracht midfielder Stefan Reinartz has asked for the termination of his contract as he will finish his playing career.

The 27-year old midfielder joined the Eagles last summer from Bayer Leverkusen (163 appearances for Bayer and Eintracht; 3 caps for Germany).

Stefan Reinartz: „I suffered plenty of injuries in the last three years and therefor various disappointments. Repeatedly the instability of a footballer's career became apparent to me and I also had the time to think about other ideas. I have always played with belief and conviction and I think that is a necessity for being a pro. After the recent injuries I do not have that 100% conviction anymore to carry on; I realised how fast the body's wearout becomes after seven and a half years as a professional footballer. It is my responsibility towards the club, my team mates and the fans to take the decision. It is a very difficult decision but I believe it is the right one. Eintracht Frankfurt is a very sprecial club with exceptional fans and I am very glad that relegation has been avoided, hopefully Niko Kovac and the team will continue the successful work of the recent months. With all my heart - all the best for Eintracht!"

Sporting Director Bruno Hübner: "Many thanks to Stefan for his sportive performance and for his opennes, we can now plan alternatives for the squad early on. His honesty reflects his good character and is not usual at all. We wish Stefan all the best for his future career."