Eintracht and Stefan Aigner have terminated their contract as of immediate effect, the attacker returns to his home club in Munich.

Returning home: Stefan Aigner
Returning home: Stefan Aigner

Munich born and bred Stefan Aigner (28) joined the Eagles in 2012 from 1860 München and will now return to his home club. He scored 28 goals in 136 competitve matches for Eintracht (27 assists). Both clubs agreed on not to comment on the transfer conditions.

Stefan Aigner: "I had great four years here in Frankfurt including nearly everything from playing Europa League to avoiding relegation, hence it was a very difficult decision for me. The superb fans supporting us at home and on the road will always stay in my heart. As everyone knows 1860 München is my club since childhood so I am now looking forward to return home. I would like to thank Bruno Hübner especially who made it possible for me to play in Bundesliga; and I will keep following the Eagles and keep my fingers crossed for the new season."

Sporting Director Bruno Hübner: „Stefan Aigner has been a key figure for the team and a face of the club in recent years. As an athlete and as a human being he contributed to the team doing well, especially in 2012/13 season. Stefan is a true 1860 Lion since his birth and we had agreed on being open for a request of that club; as he now expressed his wish to make the move back we made it possible. We had a successful time together and wish him and his family all the best for the future."