In an interview with our club magazine, Simon Falette talks about life in Frankfurt, his first Bundesliga goal and his relationship with Niko Kovac.

He’s 26 years old, a father of three and, since last summer, a proud Eagle: Simon Falette. The powerhouse from north-west France came to Frankfurt from Metz and has quickly established himself as a key figure in the Eagles’ defence. Here’s an excerpt of the centre-back’s interview with our club magazine:

Simon, describe your feelings after your first goal for Eintracht.

Falette: “It wasn’t the greatest goal in Bundesliga history but obviously I was delighted nonetheless. I was very happy and it’s nice that it came in front of our fans.”

How do you find the atmosphere at the stadium?

Falette: “Our fans are fantastic. It’s important to have them. They come to the stadium en masse and help us to get results. We’re very lucky to have such support. Sometimes you get real goosebumps because the fans show so much passion.”

How have you settled in Frankfurt?

Falette: “My family and I feel very happy here. It’s a modern city that still retains its old character. The skyline is particularly impressive. I enjoy running along the Main during my free time.”

Is Frankfurt very different from Lorient or Metz, where you lived before?

Falette: “Yes, there are some big differences. Frankfurt is a lot larger, it’s a cosmopolitan city. But the weather is fairly similar in general.”

What are your aims between now and the end of the Bundesliga season?

Falette: “There aren’t many games left in the league but still enough to pick up vital points. We’re taking it one game at a time and trying to get as many points as possible, not just for ourselves but especially for our fans.”

What’s your relationship like with the coach Niko Kovac?

Falette: “I get on very well with him. He works us hard all the time and knows exactly where he wants to go with the team. At the end of the day I’m here to work, so that suits me.”

How would you assess your own performance to date?

Falette: “It’s going well at the moment. From a defensive point of view we’re one of the best teams in the league. I kept working hard after my two-game suspension at the start of the season and I feel good. I hope we’ll have further success this season.”

What are you feelings when you come to the stadium each day?

Falette: “I’m always in a good mood when I come to work, which means I can make progress. I’m a team player. At home we have a saying: if you’re healthy you must always have a smile on your face.”