While the team continues the pre-season U.S. tour plenty has happened in Frankfurt too.

+++ Social Media Title +++ Eintracht Frankfurt has created the most social media interaction amongst Bundesliga clubs in the recent season according to a survey conducted by "Institut für Fußballmanagement" in Ismaning near Munich. The Social Media Index (SMI) takes interaction and consistent performance of social media activities into account and SGE recorded 30.2 index points ahead of Bayern (29.95) and Dortmund (27.75).

+++ Early Stendera Return +++ Marc Stendera returns to Frankfurt early from the U.S. pre-season tour due to a shoulder injury suffered in the friendly against the San Jose Earthquakes. He will undergo further examinations on his shoulder in Germany.

+++ Growing Team of Experts +++ As support for the team of fitness coaches Markus Murrer joined them; Stephan Degen started within the match analysis unit. Thomas Stubner is a new physio for the first team and nutritionist Annemarie Stein supports catering.

+++ More Friendlies +++ During their second pre-season training camp in Italy (24 July - 1 August in Gais) the Eagles will play two more friendlies. They will meet Serie A contenders US Sassuolo (27 July at 17h CET in Brixen) and also Benevento Calcio who last season got promoted to Serie A for the first time in their club history. The match against Benevento will take place on 30 July in Gais (19h CET).