Eintracht celebrated the opening of a new office in New York, with the highlight being a 30-second promotional video played on a one-hour loop on two screens.

Supervisory board member Philip Holzer had goosebumps, club President Peter Fischer "reflected in moments like these on the tough times, relegations, when the professional licence was withdrawn", Fredi Bobic spoke of "incredible added value for Eintracht Frankfurt" while fellow board member Axel Hellmann saw the opening of the new office as a “special day in the history of Eintracht”.

The four-man SGE delegation spoke these very words on Friday evening local time in Times Square in New York, and while they appeared on EintrachtTV, behind them two of the many giant screens showed a promotional video for Eintracht on a loop. The film featured 30 seconds of pure emotion, goals aplenty, the cup win and the Frankfurt skyline and was played for 60 minutes non-stop in what is arguably the most famous square in the world.

The evening represented a milestone for Eintracht Frankfurt, and the backdrop certainly caught the eye of many of the thousands of visitors to the iconic venue. Just a few hours earlier, the club had officially opened a new office on the premises on main sponsor Indeed, and the evening was the ideal time to invite partners to an official celebration in Times Square, where they could see the screens for themselves.

Friendly in New York in 2021

In his welcome speech, Hellmann drew the link from the club’s past to its future. Eintracht first came to New York back in 1951 as part of the Goodwill Tour after the Second World War, playing eight matches in the USA, three of them in New York. During the trip, $50,000 dollars were raised that Eintracht went on to use to rebuild the Riederwald Stadium which had been destroyed during the conflict, and then fit it with floodlights.
“Without these $50,000 dollars we would never have won the German league in 1959 and would not be standing here today,” said Hellmann, before going on to add that the team would be marking the 70th anniversary of the Goodwill Tour by playing a friendly in New York next year.

He described the new 60m2 office in the heart of Manhattan as a "central hub for all Eintracht activities in North America", going on to say that "it would be negligent and go against everything that Eintracht Frankfurt stands for if we let a few Bundesliga defeats make us question our long-term projects. That is something that we cannot and will not allow to happen during this important development phase for the club."