The Eagles are four days into their second summer training camp in Gais / Italy. Today they will meet US Sassuolo for a friendly.

+++ Ciao Ragazzi! +++ After four days of hard training and work in rainy South Tyrol the Eagles will play their first friendly since the U.S. tour against Serie A team US Sassuolo (Thursday, 17h CET). The Italian side have been in the top flight since 2013; their squad includes young prospects such as striker Domenico Berardi (59 goals) and well experienced players like Francesco Magnanelli and Fabio Cannavaro's brother Paolo.

+++ de Guzman injured +++ Eintracht's summer signing and midfielder Jonathan de Guzman suffered a strain in his adductors and was taken out of the daily training routines. The length of his off time is not yet confirmed - get well soon!

+++ "El Titan" in action +++ Mexican defender Carlos Salcedo who had suffered a hefty shoulder injury during the Confed Cup in Russia is spending his first days with the team. He is going through special training in Gais but has made good improvements.

+++ Test v Betis +++ Another friendly has been scheduled - on Saturday August 5th Eintracht will meet Betis Sevilla at BRITA Arena in Wiesbaden (16h CET).

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#SGEgais, Day 3: Running and hard work

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