Just a few days after the final Bundesliga match, board member Axel Hellmann looked back at a 2018/19 season that was nothing short of spectacular, both on and off the pitch.

Axel Hellmann on…

…the final league table: A lot of progress can be measured by facts and figures and by the league table. In terms of the aims of the board and the supervisory board to consistently be at least there or thereabouts when it comes to the top ten, I think that it was a very good season. We have constantly been improving over the past few years, from 16th in the table to 11th, then up to eighth and now seventh. That seventh-placed finish is a fair reflection, when everything is taken into account – I personally can live with it.

…the estimated record turnover: On top of that, we had the highest average attendance in the Bundesliga – 49,700 – that Eintracht Frankfurt has ever achieved, the highest attendance of away fans in Europe, all-time record replica shirt sales… Every aspect is growing, and added to that, we anticipate setting a record for the highest turnover. Net of transfer income, we are looking at at least €170 million and more likely €180 million. €140 million comes from Bundesliga income and we estimate €35 to €40 million from international football. With possible departures over the summer, we could end up breaking through the €200 million barrier – for turnover though, not profits.

…the atmosphere: When you think back to the tifos by the fans and the whole host of images that encapsulated the victories, the goals, the highs and the lows as well… All of these experiences have given the club the kind of identity and perception that it hadn’t had in 18 years. We get a lot of recognition all around and are people’s "favourite other team", even in the Bundesliga. That kind of feedback for Frankfurt in footballing terms warms your heart.

…the trip to China: It is a very positive development that our professional team is making this trip and that the motivation for it came from the sporting side of things. The DFL is looking after the PR on-site, which is a very important aspect for the Bundesliga. This trip has been perfectly organised to strike a balance between the necessary PR work and a relaxed end to the season for those who’ve earned it after all that they’ve put themselves through, namely the team and the staff. I was also going to go to China, but after we managed to finish seventh in the league, we’ve all got our hands full here as we look to start getting things in place for next season.