On Tuesday 9 November 2017, Alexander Meier underwent surgery on his right foot once again. The operation, which took place at the Hessing clinic in Augsburg, removed another piece of bone from his heel that had been causing persistent discomfort.

Meier had two operations after twisting his ankle while jogging during pre-season preparations over the summer, but has suffered repeated complications during his rehabilitation process. Following several medical examinations, the 34-year-old Eintracht attacker and the club agreed upon a third operation as the next course of action.

"Alex will have to continue to be patient, and so will we," said board member Fredi Bobic on Thursday. "He can't put weight on his foot for at least four weeks and after that he can start with rehab. We'll continue to give him our full support and hope to have him back during the second half of the season. If everything goes well he could return to full training in three months and we hope he's able to do so. However, first and foremost we hope he gets well soon."

Meier, who will stay in the clinic for another couple of days, is confident about his prospects of making a comeback: "I firmly believe that I'll play again and I'll give everything I 've got to make it happen. But the most important thing for the time being is to be pain-free and to feel fit again. After that, things will automatically get better step by step."