Check out an interview with Eintracht manager Niko Kovac after the second summer training camp of the pre-season.

Niko Kovac in South Tyrol / Italy
Niko Kovac in South Tyrol / Italy

Niko, how was the Gais training camp?
Niko Kovac:
Very good. We were able to work in excellent conditions, there was rain on the very first day only. The premises were great and we did everything we had planned to do. The players worked really hard and showed good attitude.

How are the new players doing?
Also very well, it is not a big deal to integrate new players, I have experienced that many times myself. We had a team evening where all the new guys performed some singing and dancing, that was great fun.

What are your main goals as a coach?
We want to improve the performance level of each and every player in the team. I think we did good in that respect last season. Our overall level is lower than at other clubs but we have space for improvement still.

Some players said the quality and depth of the team is better than last year, how do you see that?
Compared to last year in Gais at this stage we have improved and are on a higher level. We worked with the regular players for a year now - of course the new players need to settle in as quickly as possible. That will not happen within a month but we are getting there. I do think we improved on the quality with the players we signed; but we also lost some really good players. We will have to assemble a team that will stay together for the next two three years at least.

How is Carlos Salcedo doing?
One could already see how calm his game is, and technically skilled; he is a really good football player. He also has a top mentality, the Aztecs are very special; he is a nice and open-minded guy. He is doing everything he is asked to do and even more, we have to calm him down sometimes - his injury was only a month ago.

Who is going to be team captain this season?
Alex Meier will remain our skipper.

How do you see the weeks to come?
The lads will have a couple of days off now. The cup match will be in two weeks and the league starts in three so we will reduce the number of intense training sessions. We will work on speed and liveliness now, the players need to get the mental vigour and physis to compete.

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