The SGEagles will be reporting daily on their activities in the USA during the club's mid-season training camp. On Wednesday it was the turn of Jetro Willems, who had a taste of a different kind of football.

Jetro Willems attempts an American football kick.
Jetro Willems attempts an American football kick.

Hi there, Eintracht fans!

Today was the sixth day of our training camp. We worked hard again in the morning, doing a lot of work with the ball which was good. In some of the sessions it’s been different but today we did less running, which I liked [laughs]. Overall training’s been very good and we have the ideal conditions here in Florida to prepare ourselves for the second half of the season.

A welcome change of sports

We then had a nice treat in the afternoon as five of us tried our hand at American football. It was a great experience but it wasn’t easy, especially not the kicking. Simon [Falette] managed to score from 55 yards but I found it very tough because the ball isn’t round. American football is great to watch and the little introduction we had today made a nice change. It was certainly a lot of fun, we laughed a lot. The coaches were nice guys who challenged us quite a bit.

I hope you’re continuing to follow us on all our channels. I’m now looking forward to the game in St. Petersburg tomorrow. After that we head to Orlando, where we have another tough test in store, so it’s going to be an exciting few days!

Greetings from Florida!

Jetro Willems