In the run-up to Sunday’s match at Augsburg, striker Luka Jovic talks about his recent run of goals and his first few months in Frankfurt.

Luka, how are you feeling ahead of the trip to Augsburg?

Luka Jovic: “I’m naturally a bit tired because we’ve been working very hard over the last two days. But there’s still enough time to prepare, rest and then be ready to go at Augsburg. I want to keep showing the coach what I can do in the remaining training sessions and stake my claim.”

Things have been going well for you recently. Have you been a little bit surprised yourself by your good run?

Jovic: “I’ve always believed in my qualities and I knew I’d get my chances if I worked hard enough. You always need a bit of luck, but then everything else comes from you. The recent goal against Borussia Mönchengladbach, for example, was one of the best goals I’ve ever scored. It was a great feeling. I’m pleased with how it’s going at the moment.”

How have you found your first few months here in Frankfurt and at Eintracht?

Jovic: “First and foremost I’ve learned a lot. The training, the coach and the whole environment have massively benefited my development. I’ve made progress on the physical side in particular, but I know I still have room to improve in some areas. Overall I can only say that I feel completely happy here.”

Has it been a big transition from Benfica?

Jovic: “It has, particularly in terms of training. Here the training is a lot harder. But when my move to Eintracht was finalised, I spoke to Mijat Gacinovic about it. I asked him what the intensity is like, so I knew what to expect.”