After several months on the sidelines, Portuguese forward Goncalo Paciencia is taking full part in the SGEagles' Florida training camp and itching to return to first-team action in 2019.

Goncalo, how are you?
"I'm feeling really great! We're in the middle of our preparations, our holiday ended some time ago. We now want to recover the physical attributes that set us apart during the first half of the season. We're on the right track."

You were injured for quite a while. How are your fitness levels at the moment?
"I obviously can't be at the same level as my colleagues just yet, but I'm in the process of getting back to full fitness and growing accustomed to the usual routine. It won't be long before I'm at 200 per cent (laughs)."

When will we see you back on the pitch?
"Every day brings new developments. It's getting better and better on the whole. I'm definitely looking at this month, but after being out for four months you can't expect me to be at the same level as my team-mates straight away."

There has clearly been plenty of commitment on show in training …
"The Bundesliga is a very demanding competition, so we have to train how we want to play. That's why commitment levels are so high during training. They have to be – we won't be getting any gifts during games."

Was your spell on the sidelines particularly difficult to take after starting your Eintracht career with a goal against Ulm [in the DFB Cup]?
"That's part of football. I'd rather look forward and try to keep my chin up than moan. You always need to be ready to fight in football. Of course I want to be involved whenever I can, whether in training or in a game. Who likes to sit on the sidelines, after all? It's always nice to contribute to a team's success and be able to play one's part. Thankfully this period is over and I'm ready for the fight, but I also know I can learn a lot from my excellent strike partners."