Omar Mascarell is on the way back after his Achilles injury. The Spaniard spoke to us about how he’s feeling and the time frame for his return.

Omar, how are you feeling?

Omar Mascarell: “I’m feeling very good, I’m getting better every day. I’m working very hard on my comeback, which appears to be paying off. Of course it’s tough for me not being able to help the team. I’m with the lads every day in the dressing room, I watch every game in the stadium or on TV but I can’t step in and help them. That’s not easy.”

When will you be back training with the squad?

Omar Mascarell: “That’s difficult to say, I don’t want to nail down a specific date. At the moment I’m doing a lot of running and gym work. I’m doing everything I can to be back as soon as possible. In three weeks I have another appointment with the doctor in Basel who operated on me. After that I’ll know a bit more. The important thing is that I just keep working hard every day. That’s also what my teammates who have had similar serious injuries said to me. Working hard, sleeping well and eating healthily is what’s most important for the body.”

How hard did the injury hit you to start with?

Omar Mascarell: “It’s definitely a very bad injury, that’s for sure. I hope something like this never happens to me again. Not playing football and not being able to help my teammates for such a long time is tough. I belong on the pitch, not off it. But I had a very good doctor in Basel who’s helped me tremendously so that I can stay fit in the long term. So I’m feeling good.”

Looking back, how do you assess your first season at Eintracht?

Omar Mascarell: “I’m very happy at the club. Last season was the best of my career so far, and I’m very grateful that Eintracht gave me this opportunity. I’m happy to be here.”

And what are your thoughts on the current season?

Omar Mascarell: “We’ve got off to a good start. The team are playing well and we can be satisfied with eighth place in the table. We have a good team and players with a lot of quality, so I think we’re on the right track.”