Eintracht midfielder Johannes Flum suffered a heavy knee injury after a collision with a team mate in training this week.

Johannes Flum
Johannes Flum

During a training session on Tuesday Johannes Flum and Slobodan Medojevic crashed into each other competing in a tackling. Flum was hit on his left knee and suffered a painful kneecap fracture; manager Armin Veh abandoned the training session and an emergency helicopter picked up Flum and took him to a specialised clinic in the North of Frankfurt.

He underwent surgery on Wednesday, no ligament or other damage was diagnosed but it is uncertain whether Flum will be able to return to the pitch this season. Skipper Alex Meier and the team sent a video message out to him with Meier saying: "Flumi - we need you back here in action, get well soon!"

We hope for a speedy recovery and wish Johannes Flum all the best for that!