Eintracht supporters will not be allowed in the city of Marseille on the day of their UEFA Europa League group opener.

The exclusion order on Eintracht fans in Marseille runs from 8am to midnight on Thursday.
The exclusion order on Eintracht fans in Marseille runs from 8am to midnight on Thursday.

An exclusion order on Eintracht Frankfurt supporters has been issued by the relevant authorities ahead of the Eagles’ UEFA Europa League game against Olympique Marseille. The ban applies to the entire metropolitan area of Marseille and is valid from 8am to midnight on Thursday 20 September.

Eintracht board criticise decision

“A total ban on entry into the city for our supporters is a completely unreasonable and legally highly questionable – if not illegal – intrusion on individual rights,” criticised Eintracht board member Axel Hellmann. “Our fans don’t want to go to Marseille to cause trouble, but to accompany the team through Europe and at least be in the same city even if they’re not allowed in the stadium. Everyone’s been looking forward to this trip since 19 May and nobody should take that away from them.”

Violation of the exclusion order could result in imprisonment and/or heavy fines. “This sanction places our fans under general suspicion, which we clearly disagree with,” continued Hellmann. “It’s becoming abundantly clear that urgent action is needed by UEFA with regards to the practice of collective punishments. We have been excluded not just from a match, but from an entire city for something we weren’t involved in at all. That cannot continue.” The German Consulate General in Marseille has set up a helpline for fans during the period in question – the number is 0033-615-094103.

The crux of the order can be translated in English as follows:

Article 1 –On Thursday 20 September 2018, from the time of 8am to midnight, anyone who identifies as an Eintracht Frankfurt supporter or is recognisable as such through their behaviour is banned from residing in public in the metropolitan area of Marseille.