It's time again for Eintracht's internationals to join their respective national sides for (mostly) World Cup qualifiers. We compiled an overview.

Following the second Bundesliga matchday the international break is now on after which Eintracht will play their away match against Borussia Mönchengladbach (9 September).

  • Japanese team captain Makoto Hasebe and his "Samurai Blue" will play a home match against Australia (31 August) and away against Saudi Arabia (5 September).
  • Finland and Eintracht goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky will host Iceland (2 September) plus they will meet the Kosovo national team in Albania (5 September).
  • Taleb Tawatha and Israel play against Macedonia at home (2 September) and Italy away (5 September).
  • Mijat Gacinovic and Serbia will play against Moldova in Belgrad (2 September) and in Dublin against Ireland (5 September).
  • The Swiss national side and Gelson Fernandes play at home against Andorra (31 August) and away against Latvia (3 September).
  • Renat Dadashov is nominanted to join Azerbaijan's national team in Norway (1 September) and against San Marino (4 September).
  • Andersson Ordóñez joins Ecuador for two away matches against Brazil (31 August) and Peru (5 September).
  • Branimir Hrgota is on stand-by for Sweden's qualifiers while our two Mexicans Marco Fabián and Carlos Salcedo are unable to join their team due to injuries.
  • Aymen Barkok will join Germany's Under-21 against Hungary (1 September in Paderborn) and Kosovo (5 September in Osnabrück). Luka Jović was nominated for Serbia's Under-21 who will play against Gibraltar (1 September).