During Eintracht’s USA tour, we’ll be reporting on the Eagles’ daily activities. Today, Makoto Hasebe discusses his long-awaited return during Friday's match in San Jose.

Makoto Hasebe
Makoto Hasebe

Four months can be a long time. And if you cannot compete as a pro under competitive conditions for a long time, it can start to get on your nerves. But yesterday, my time arrived. I was given a chance to play again for Eintracht in a competitive match. And even though things didn't go as expected against the San Jose Earthquakes, I can tell you: it feels great to be back! I have to be careful, of course, to see how my knee reacts to the workload, but overall it went well for me. Now it's a matter of taking things step by step. I hope to be fit in time for the new season!

Over the course of the match here in San Jose, we we all pretty annoyed. We are, of course, in the middle of preseason and have been training intensively, which doesn't help matters. Nonetheless, we have to do much better in the Bundesliga. We know this, and we have to work hard in the coming days. But I am confident that we will succeed.

- Makoto 

What's on the agenda today

Coach Niko Kovac has planned a training session for Saturday morning at Avaya Stadium.