During Eintracht’s USA tour, we’ll be reporting on the Eagles’ daily activities. Today, Danny da Costa talks about spending his birthday in training camp and the team’s last hours in Chula Vista.

Danny da Costa
Danny da Costa

Since I’m professional footballer, I celebrate my birthdays every year in training camp. This is, of course, a pity on the one hand because you would like to spend the day with your family and your closest friends. On the other hand, it’s also very special. Usually my teammates will congratulate me, I'll get a birthday cake and the team with sing "Happy Birthday." At least that’s how it was for me yesterday here in the USA. Celebrating my birthday for the first time in the Eintracht squad was a great experience. My teammates made the day really special for me. And let me say this: the guys can also sing!

Earlier that morning he did some recovery work in the Chula Vista training ground. Later, I did a video interview with EintrachtTV, where I answered questions submitted by fans on Twitter and Facebook. I had a good time and answered some exciting and also some odd questions. Get ready for the finished interview, which will air in the coming days!

In the evening we flew to San Francisco and then moved on to San Jose. The match against the San Jose Earthquakes is now upon us. I’m very excited about it, especially after our performance in the first match in Seattle!

- Danny

What’s on the agenda today

The SGEagles will face their second test of the training camp this Friday. At 19:15 local time (04:15 CET on Saturday), Eintracht meet the San Jose Earthquakes.

#SGEagles, Day 8: Chula Vista / San José

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