During Eintracht’s USA training camp, we’ll be reporting on the Eagles’ daily activities. Today, Slobodan Medojevic explains how the team earned a well-deserved trip to San Diego

Slobodan Medojevic
Slobodan Medojevic

Just a 20 minute drive from our training camp in Chula Vista to the city of San Diego. It was natural that the coach rewarded us with the afternoon off for all the hard work we've been doing over the past few days. We took full advantage by going to San Diego and checking out the local scene. I've got to say, it really is an impressive city with great beaches and beautiful streets. The visit was totally worth it!

The trip was only possible because of the intense training session we put in that morning. First, some strenuous conditioning exercises were on the agenda. Later, we did some ball work. The sessions are really fun, but at the same time extremely productive. Especially with the sun out in full force - ask Lukas Hradecky, who can sing a song about it. But this is what preseason is all about: exhausting, but fun at the same time.

- Slobodan

What's on the agenda for today

There will be two training sessions on Wednesday: one in the morning and then again in the afternoon.


#SGEagles, Day 6: Chula Vista / San Diego

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