After what he described himself as a “bittersweet” year, Lucas Torró is confident the experiences he’s gained will stand him in good stead.

Lucas, you’ve just had the fourth training session. How are you feeling?
“I feel better every day. I’m glad the whole team are together and that we can prepare for the season here with two training sessions per day. We’re working well and we want to keep training intensely so that we’re in top condition for the first competitive match.”

How did you spend the summer break?

“For a start, everyone received a training plan depending on the result of the previous endurance test. We spent half of June preparing for the preparations, so to speak (laughs). Nevertheless, I had a nice time back home with family and friends. I also practised a different sport and played a bit of tennis.”

How do you assess your first season in Germany?
“The past year leaves a bittersweet taste. I certainly got off to a good start and was able to increase my playing time, at least until the injury problems arose, which set me back a bit. Despite that, it wasn’t a bad season overall – I learned a lot and got used to German football. I know the style of play, the country and not least my teammates better, so I’m confident that next season will be a good one both for me personally and for the team.”

Two new signings have arrived in central midfield. How much does that increase the competition for places?

“The competition has certainly increased but we know how many assignments are ahead of us, so long as we achieve our aim of qualifying for the Europa League. That will mean lots of matches and we need a big squad for that in order to be able to rotate. Competition is good for business, so I see it as positive.”