Following Thursday’s 4-0 win over Olympique Marseille, the Eintracht Frankfurt players and staff expressed their delight at the team’s performance and the incredible support of the home fans.

Adi Hütter: “To have 15 points after five matchdays and to have won the group comfortably is obviously a bit of a surprise, but it’s a great feeling. We were able to witness another absolute spectacle today, starting with the supporters, the fantastic atmosphere and the impressive tifo. It galvanised us and helped us take an early lead. After that we played very well for 90 minutes. We didn’t do everything right but we were excellent going forward. I’m very pleased with all the players, they all put in a good performance.”

Mijat Gacinovic: “We worked hard to win the group, now we’re happy we managed to achieve that. We showed from the first minute that we wanted to win, which was very important. We didn’t let our opponents settle. It was a lot of fun for us and our fans. We want to keep playing like this and we want to win in Rome. The tifo was incredible again today.”

Jetro Willems: “It was a new position for me. I’ve never played [in central midfield] in a competitive game before, only in friendlies. I’m happy, I’m just an all-rounder. To win 4-0 and win the group - what more do you want? We’re used to playing two games a week now so we’re all fit for Wolfsburg [on Sunday].”

Luka Jovic: “We’re happy to have won the group and I’m happy to have played my part. The tifo was wonderful - we have the best fans there are. Their support was superb.”

Matchday 05 UEFA Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt - Olympique de Marseille

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