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This guide will lead you through the steps you have to take while purchasing tickets for Eintracht home matches and it will help you to overcome the language barrier.

How To Order Tickets?

The online ticketing service of www.eintracht.de is very straight forward. And although the system is in German language you will still be able to select your seats or area, define the number of tickets you would like to order and have them at hand right away with the Print@Home feature.

This guide will lead you through the steps you have to take while purchasing tickets for Eintracht home matches and it will help you to overcome the language barrier.

The very first step is to check the match list and date and kick-off time of the match you would like to attend. Please be aware that sometimes Bundesliga kick-off times are not final DFL Deutsche Fuball Liga announce the final match lists in batches depending on mid-week fixtures in the Champions League and Europa League.

Step 1 - Find Online Ticket Shop

Go to www.eintracht.de and select Tickets in the top right area.

Step 2 - Select Fixture

After checking your travel dates and the required fixture click on "Jetzt bestellen" next to the home match you would like to go to. The pie chart next to the fixture indicates the availability of tickets and the number of tickets left for the respective fixture (the more green in the pie chart the more tickets are left to purchase). The green box highlights the category of the match, i.e. "Kategorie C" - to find out about all categories click HERE.

Step 3 - Select Stadium Area

You can now choose between the various sections of the stadium: Westkurve (home fans), Haupttribne (Main stand), Ostkurve (home fans and away section), Gegentribne (Opposite stand).

Step 4 - Select Block

You can now select a block where tickets are available. Oberrang translates into Upper Tier, Unterrang into Lower Tier, the prices are highlighted as well as the number of tickets available in the section.

Step 5 - Select Seats

Mark a row here and select the number of tickets in the dropdown (Normalpreis = Full price / Ermigt = Discounted see also HERE!). Zum Spielfeld indicates where the pitch is located. If you are done click on Zum Warenkorb (= Basket).

Step 6 - Check Order

Check whether your order is complete and correct. You can continue purchasing tickets via Einkauf fortsetzen or check out via Kasse.

Step 7 - Login / Register

If you are already registered please log in via Email Adresse andPasswort and click "Anmelden".

If you are new to the system please register via Neuer Kunde and click "Jetzt Anmelden". You will have to enter the mandatory fields:

Personal data:
e-mail address / Confirm e-mail address ("E-Mail besttigen") / Nickname / title ("Anrede") / first name ("Vorname") / surname ("Nachname") / date of birth ("Geburtsdatum").
Address data:
street/no. ("Strae/Nr.) / postal code ("Postleitzahl") / home ("Ort") / country ("Land").
Password ("Ihr Passwort"):
password ("Passwort") / confirm password ("Besttigung).
Accept terms of condition: 
check terms of conditions ("Hiermit aktezptiere ich die Allgemeinen Nutzungsbedingungen")
Security Code ("Sicherheitsabfrage"): 
Enter the code and click "Registrieren".
E-mail Activation:
Check your e-mail Inbox and activate your account via registration link.

Step 8 - Basket

AGB  (terms and conditions)
Confirm the "AGB" (terms and conditions) and check "Ich habe die AGB gelesen und aktzeptiere diese."

Choose "print@home" or "Versand" (shipping) and click "Weiter".

Step 9 Select Payment Type

Please select "Saferpay" (VISA, Mastercard) in order to pay with your credit card. You will then get to the next step by clicking Weiter (= Go to confirmation).

Step 10 Confirm Order

Check one last time that your order is correct and the right delivery details are being displayed. Via Jetzt kostenpflichtig bestellen you will then bindingly confirm your order.

Step 11 Your order will be checked

Your order will now be looked into. This usually takes a few moments.

Step 12 Credit Card Payment / Enter Credit Card Details

As you selected to pay with credit card earlier this will now take place, please choose your credit card provider and continue with Weiter. 

Please enter all necessary credit card details and confirm by clicking on Bezahlen (= Pay). 

If your payment has been checked successfully a window will appear confirming this. Click on Weiter (= Next) to finalise the payment process.

Step 13 Confirmaton / Print@Home Ticket

You will then see a pop up window confirming your Print@Home order and you will also receive an email confirming this. Within minutes you will receive an email with a link via this link you will be able to print your tickets. Clicking the link will generate the Print@Home ticket.

Fold Ticket
There is a little manual included on how to fold the ticket. Make sure the bar code on the print out is not affected so that the electronic check in at the stadium will recognize the code.

Step 14 Public Transport Voucher

Please be aware that your Print@Home ticket does not include public transport to and from the match. To retrieve the voucher (its for free!) enter your reservation code (Reservierungsnummer) and the RMV-Zugangscode printed on your ticket. Click RMV-Zugangscode besttigen in order to proceed to your public transport voucher. Please note that each code can only be used once.

Ticketing Services (Online / Fax)

We also offer you a fax order form to order tickets for home matches of Eintracht Frankfurt. You can order the tickets by using the following fax form:

  • Eintracht Fax Order Form

    (Please notice that for the ticket order via fax we only offer the payment by credit card. You can also send us your fax form order via e-mail to: info@eintrachtfrankfurt.de.)

If you are an European resident, we will be delivering the tickets up to 2 weeks before the match. Are you living anywhere else but EU, the tickets will not be shipped anymore if the match happens 3 weeks after your order has been successfully placed. In case of the tickets not being shipped, they will be saved at the reservation desk, ready to be picked up at the main entrance. You will be asked to legitimate yourself with your valid ID. The confirmation will be sent to you by either email or fax as soon as your order has been processed. The reservation desk will be available for service 3 hours before kick-off. We are not liable for loss or damages during shipping. If your order is accepted, you will receive the tickets including the invoice. Otherwise, you will receive a letter of refusal, either per fax or per email.

We look forward to welcome you at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt!!!

For further infomation please contact us:

Eintracht Frankfurt Fuball AG
Mrfelder Landstrae 362
60528 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49 (0) 6103 4590 - 199
Fax: +49 (0) 69 955 03 268
E-Mail: info(at)eintrachtfrankfurt.de

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