Werbung Sky - erleben Sie Ihren Verein


If you want to get some fan gear to show your support for Eintracht Frankfurt but you do not live in Germany.

You can buy all your fan items and they ship world wide. Throughout I will walk you through the ordering process using screenshots with the German words being translated into English.

Click on "Fanshop"

Actually it is a bigger window but you get the point. The idea is to translate the items so you at least know where to go. So when you see something you would like to get then you will see the item and the price. Will kind of look like this:

Once you click on In den Warenkorb you will see this window:

This is showing you what you have in your shopping cart. You can continue to buy more items, delete items or check out. If you continue to shop you will see the Fanshop window again. If you decide to check out you will see this window:

Now with this if you never shopped here you need to go to the Neuer Kunde window. If you have shopped here before than why are you reading this? You would log in with your email and password. When you decide to register new you will get this window:

Once you enter the information click Speichern you will get this window:

This shows you where your fan stuff will be going, you can also see the shipping cost or even change the shipping address if you want to send the item as a gift to someone, to continue click on Weiter and you will see this window:

This looks a bit complicated but it is not. You need to select how you want to pay, if you are outside of Europe your only choice is with a credit card. The 2 rules clarifications are pretty standard for online shopping. If you want them translated write Alex through the newsletter he can give you all the legal stuff. You have to check both blocks to continue with your purchase. Click Weiter to continue, you will see this:

Here you will see you shipping address and billing address along with the items you ordered and the cost of shipping your items. You can see how you will be paying for the item. Click Weiter to continue and you will see this:

The check that you see here is basically making sure the items you selected are in stock and all your information is correct. When the check is finished you will see the screen shown above. Click on Weiter zur Zahlung to get this window:

Once you enter your information you will get a confirmation window confirming your order as well as a email with you order. From my experience the fan shop is pretty good on getting items out. You can also write them in English with any questions you have, onlineshop@eintracht-frankfurt.de.

Eintracht Frankfurt 2014