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SGE-BVB: Tight 1-0 Defeat

The Eagles came close to gain a good result against Borussia Dortmund with a spirited performance. But they had to let go of reaching the semi-final due to a late Aubameyang goal (83').

Zambrano and Lewandowski were battling it out Zambrano and Lewandowski were battling it out

Armin Veh had to leave out skipper Pirmin Schwegler due to an injury, Alex Madlung started in central defense while Marco Russ played in defensive midfield.


In the first ten minutes of the match both teams were seeking their composure and it was pretty even with little action in front of the goals. From what some saw as a hand ball BVB started a fast break, Mkhitaryan was set up by Aubameyang and had a go from outside the box, luckily his shot was wide (12).

The Eagles did well recording 63% ball possession in the first 30 minutes without creating major scoring opportunities though. Defensively they were in control especially Carlos Zambrano who allowed Robert Lewandowski little space, still it was always certain that BVB were a threat on the attack. Their biggest chance came from a Aubameyang header after a corner Trapp was at the end of it (23). Then a questioning cross flew into the BVB box where Rode missed it by an inch in front of an empty goal a great chance for the Eagles (30).

Dortmund had a couple of shots from direct free-kicks (Aubameyang and Kehl) but both attempts were no danger for SGE (36). Shortly after Mkhitaryan and Grokreutz both turned up in the box, both their attempts went wide (39). But the Eagles also came forward on the break, Rode found Meier on the right who switched towards Aigner, his cross was cleared by the BVB defense though. And entertaining but goalless first half came to an end.


Jan Rosenthal replaced Vaclav Kadlec after the break. The duel between Carlos Zambrano and BVB striker Robert Lewandowski turned out to be a constant feature at the start of the second half with either player winning free-kicks of the other. Eintrachts defender had clearly seen the better of Lewandowski in the first 45 minutes who most likely would have been booked by on or the other referee for not holding back after losing the ball to Zambrano. The Eagles did well to come forward again and again still the last pass or cross was repeatedly controlled by the Dortmund defenders.

Little chances were created at either end in the first 20 minutes after the break but the match was tense and exciting. It went from end to end with plenty of attitude from both sides. Eintracht had to overcome some debatable decisions of the referee, various times Lewandowski was involved. SGEs Flum (72) and BVBs Schmelzer (77) were booked, the atmosphere was heating up on and off the pitch a true cup clash.

Then Eintracht suffered the blow of conceding a goal, a corner by Mkhitaryan ended up at the far post where Aubameyang was unmarked and headed in (83). A frustrating moment looking at how well SGE had kept Dortmund away from the goal throughout the match. Meanwhile Tobias Weis had come on for Flum. Eintracht tried it with long balls towards the BVB goal knowing that one BVB fast break could seal the match. Three minutes stoppage time were given but to no effect for SGE after a spirited match they had to let go of reaching the semi-final. Well done Eagles!

HR 11.02.2014

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