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News Update

No Bendtner Transfer - Test Match Wins

The much talked about possible signing of Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner did not come together after all. Meanwhile the Eagles won a couple of friendly matches. Read a news update.

Joselu (left) scored five goals in SGE's recent test match Joselu (left) scored five goals in SGE's recent test match

No Bendtner Transfer

Eintracht‬ Frankfurt will not pursue the transfer of Danish striker Nicklas ‪Bendtner‬ of Arsenal FC. Despite very positive efforts of all parties involved the club decided against the transfers after weighing up all pros and cons.

SGE‬ Sporting Director Bruno Hbner: "We would like to thank ‪Arsenal‬ manager Arsene Wenger especially for the positive negotiations and good collaboration. All three parties showed great willingness to make it happen, but after all it did not come together in the end."

Test Match Wins

During the training camp in Feldkirchen/Austria the Eagles won a test match win against Austrian 2nd division team St. Plten 3-2.

SKN St Plten 2-3 Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht line-up: Trapp - Celozzi, Russ, Flum, Oczipka (46' Djakpa) - Schwegler (77' Waldschmidt), Lanig, Rosenthal (46' Schrck), Meier, Aigner (64' Stendera) - Lakic (46' Joselu).

Goals: Lakic, Meier, Own Goal.

After retruning to Frankfurt SGE also won a friendly against a selection of various clubs from Flieden 11-0.

Buchona Flieden & friends 0-11 ‪Eintracht‬ Frankfurt

Eintracht line-up: Wiedwald Jung (46' Celozzi), Flum, Russ, Djakpa (46' Oczipka) Schwegler (46' Zambrano) Aigner (46' Rode), Meier (46' Lanig), Rosenthal (46' Stendera), Schrck (46' Lakic) Joselu.

Goals: Joselu (5), Lakic (2), Lanig (2), Meier, Flum.

HR 11.07.2013

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