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News Update

Butscher Off -- Jung Injured -- Friendly Goal Frenzies

The Eagles have reached Europe and the season has ended nearly a couple of weeks ago by now. Still there is plenty to report on - read a news update on players and friendly matches.

Will miss out on the Under-21 EURO: Sebastian Jung Will miss out on the Under-21 EURO: Sebastian Jung

Good Luck, Heiko Butscher!

Eintracht defender Heiko Butscher has decided to team up with his former club VfL Bochum in the summer. He will join the Bundesliga 2 outfit for which he had played a couple of seasons already from 2005 to 2007. Good luck, Butsche!

Sebastian Jung Injured

Big blow for Sebastian Jung: Eintrachts regular starter and high performing right defender will miss the Under-21 EURO 2013 due to a torn muscle fibre. The injury occurred while Sebi was already with Germanys Under-21 team of which he is also a set starter. Get well soon, Sebastian!

Friendly Goal Frenzies

Right after the final match oft he successful 2012/13 campaign against VfL Wolfsburg the Eagles went on a little tour of friendly matches in the region. They scored 48 goals in their four matches against the local clubs SV Erzhausen, TSV Rothemann, SV Nieder-Weisel, SKG Wallerstdten.

SV Erzhausen 29 Eintracht Frankfurt
Line-up: zer Butscher, Russ (46 Del Piccolo), Amedick, Djakpa Oczipka (46 Aigner), Lanig, Hien, Stendera Matmour, Occan
Goals: Matmour (5), Lanig (2), Oczipka, Occan

TSV Rothemann 113 Eintracht Frankfurt
Line-up: zer, Russ, Amedick, Oczipka, Bartel, Lanig, Djakpa (46 Effiong), Aigner, Hien, Stendera (46 Celozzi), Occan
Goals: Amedick (4), Lanig (4), Oczipka (2), Aigner, Bartel, Occan

SV Nieder-Weisel 1-9 Eintracht Frankfurt
Line-up: zer - Celozzi, Russ (51 Gerezgiher), Amedick, Oczipka - Meyerhfer, Lanig (46 Talevski), Matmour, Djakpa - Lakic, Occan
Goals: Djakpa (3), Matmour (3), Lakic, Gerezgiher, Occan

SKG Wallerstdten 2-17 Eintracht Frankfurt
Line-up: zer - Meyerhfer, zdemir, Talevski, Djakpa - Russ, Lanig - Gerezgiher, Oczipka (46 Grigorian) - Matmour, Occan
Goals: Matmour (7), Lanig (4), Djakpa (2), Occan (2), Gerezgiher, Russ

HR 30.05.2013

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