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2012/13 Kit - Back From Austria - Test Matches

The new jerseys for 2012/13 have been presented, the team was at a week long training camp and played a couple of test matches. Read the latest on the Eagles in our news update.

New jerseys for the Eagles!

The New Kit

It was an eagerly awaited moment when the newly designed Eintracht jerseys were presented during a press conference. There are three designs, one each for home and away matches plus a backup shirt. Kit supplier Jako announced that the new shirts will be available in the shops and online from end of July.

Austrian Workout

The team just returned from a week long trip to Windischgarsten in Austria where they underwent a training camp to lay the foundation for the season in regards to fitness.

Amongst various training sessions there was also a day dedicated to team building with a special 'triathlon' (6km cycling, 2.4km rowing, 3.2km running). The SGE iron men are team green: Mo Idrissou (on the picture happily holding the trophy), Olivier Occean, Kevin Trapp, Heiko Butscher, Rob Friend and Stefano Celozzi.

Test Matches

The Eagles played a couple of friendlies and manager Armin Veh gave plenty of players the opportunity to present themselves on the pitch. The match against Austrian team Blau Wei Linz was won 3-2 with goals by Aigner (2) and Occean.

Eintracht players used: Trapp - Jung, Lanig (46' Kempf), Butscher (46' Celozzi), Oczipka (46' Djakpa) - Aigner (46' Matmour), Rode (81' Wille), Meier (71' Friend), Kittel (59' Stendera), Inui (46' Khler) - Occean (46' Idrissou).

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The second match was held in Mulfingen-Hollenbach where Eintracht stopped on their way back from the training camp to play a friendly against lower league team FSV Hollenbac. Inui, Meier, Lanig and Occean (with a bycicle kick) scored for a comfortable 4-1 win.

Eintracht players used: Nikolov Oczipka (46' Djakpa), Butscher, Kempf (46' Wille), Jung Kittel (46' Khler), Inui, Rode (46' Lanig), Aigner (46' Matmour) Meier (46' Stendera), Idrissou (46' Occan)

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