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New Series: Attila’s Oddities

Please Mind The Gap - It’s All About “The King”

Since it’s the summer break and no Eintracht matches are being played there is somehow plenty of time to fill the gap. EURO 2012 is in full swing and might ease the pain to some extent of having to wait for Bundesliga action. But we need more. Eagle Attila has spread his wings and came across some entertaining oddities.

Sources: walesonline.co.uk, archive, facebook

The Kings of Swansea

A user named ‘welshman’ recently entered the scene of the English language forum on eintracht.de (‘Foreign Affairs’). He expressed his happiness about Eintracht’s promotion and – being a Swansea City fan – about the avoidance of relegation by the ‘Swans’ in their first ever Premier League season.

The media had not placed their bets on Swansea and hinted at the start of the season a sighting of Elvis Presley would be more likely than the only Welsh club in the division. After all they managed to stay in the league and so it was payback time for their supporters: Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers urged the fans to dress up as ‘The King’ for the last match of the season against Liverpool. Which they did, and as a result thousands of Elvis lookalikes celebrated a 1-0 win against LFC.

More images and a report can be found via walesonline.co.uk!

A Little Less Conversation...

...a little more action please! It has been a while that Eintracht was mentioned on domestic German TV on a European football level. This was changed by SGE defender Gordon Schildenfeld who was a regular starter in Croatia’s back four, and even more so during the match against reigning champions Spain. Eintracht fans who watched on German TV had to rub their eyes as Schildenfeld took on Fernando Torres and later on Cesc Fabregas allowing them next to no chances.

The commentary went from “Eintracht Frankfurt, promoted from Bundesliga 2 against Chelsea London, Champions League winners” to “Big compliment to Frankfurt’s defender Schildenfeld who is in full control in central defense”. But Croatia conceded a late goal by Jesús Navas and as a result did not proceed to the quarter finals. On another note – Schildenfeld seems to be an Elvis Presley fan himself as images of some carnival celebrations in his Facebook profile suggest. He was the King in Croatia’s defense against Torres for sure.

It’s Now or Never

Jogi Löw is a king of tactics and he proves it again and again in major tournaments when pulling the strings of the German national team. He continuously breaks the hearts of opponent’s fans. After taking over Germany he took the team to the final at EURO 2008 and to the semis at the 2010 World Cup (both 0-1 v Spain) and they seem on a good way once again at the current EURO 2012.

Not many know that he once played at Eintracht, pretty much exactly 30 years ago in the 1981/82 season (25 league games, 5 goals). Back then he featured a fashionable moustache – the Eighties you know – but his hair style has not changed that much as images of the era reveal.

Holger Ruhl 21.06.2012

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