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A partnership with Eintracht

Eintracht Frankfurt can fully rely on its sponsors, and vice versa. A partnership with Eintracht is a win win situation for all parties involved. Our partners benefit from the brand Eintracht Frankfurt and its positive development and image, whilst the club can generate funds to further shape a successful future.

We are very proud of the fact that a number of big sponsors stick to Eintracht Frankfurt for a long time by now.

The partnership with main sponsor Fiat has existed since 2013, and its treated with great enthusiasm and a large amount of trust from both sides.

Also a number of partners and premium partners such as 'Deutsche Bahn' or 'Fraport' have been with us for a number of years. Their trust honours us and it also shows that a co-operation with Eintracht Frankfurt is a rewarding and effective investment.

Without the numerous sponsors the current positive progress of the club would not be possible. Eintracht Frankfurt would like to thank its partners for their support and commitment. We hope that many more companies will join the group of sponsors of our club in the years to come.

Main & Kit Sponsor: Fiat Group Automobiles Germany AG  (automobile)


Gear Supplier: NIKE




Premium Partner

  • Deutsche Bahn (mobility & services)
  • Deutsche Familienversicherung AG (insurance)
  • Fraport (airport management)
  • Hessische Landesbank (financial institution)
  • Krombacher (brewery)
  • Lotto Hessen (lottery)
  • Lufthansa (airline)
  • Mainova (supplier of electric energy)


  • Coca-Cola (soft drinks)
  • Clariant
  • Commerzbank (financial institution)
  • Frankfurter Neue Presse (media)
  • Frankfurter Sparkasse (financial institution)
  • hr 3 (media)
  • IDL (software and consulting for accounting)
  • IFM Immobilien AG
  • IG Markets Limited
  • KKH (financial institution)
  • Nexen Tire (tire manufacture)
  • PSD Bank (financial institution)
  • REWE (business group)
  • RMV (public transport)
  • Rosbacher (soft drinks)
  • Druckerei Sauerland
  • VGF (public transport)

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